20 Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Here is a list of top 20 Questions and Answers for Software Testing.

  1. What is Testware?
  • In order to test software package you require an application. That utilities and software application is called Testware.
  1. What do you understand by the terms bug release and bug leakage?
  • During testing the tester may fail to identify a defect that already exists. The unfound defect when eventually found by the end user or the tester is called bug leakage. Bug release is when any software is released with known defects or bugs.
  1. What are the different steps in the Bug Cycle?
  • Thoroughly explain the specific status assigned to the six steps in a concise manner. Software training courses can help you learn more about such detailed concepts.
  1. Name the different types of software testing available.
  • There are many types of software testing but make sure to cover the main ones which include:
  • Performance
  • Unit
  • Shakeout
  • Functional
  • Smoke
  • System
  1. How is boundary and branch testing different?
  • Boundary testing is testing the limit conditions of the software. Branch testing is testing all the application branches.
  1. Explain agile testing and its importance.
  • Testing the software from the point of view of customers is called agile testing. Explain how it follows the SDLC methodologies.
  1. What tools are used by testers for testing?
  • Explain the different tools like WinSCP, Firebug,OpenSTA and Selenium etc. Take a manual testing course to discover all the tools.
  1. How are load testing, stress testing and volume testing different?
  • Give a detailed explanation of how they are different and review the methods.
  1. When testing software what is the difference between verification and validation?
  • When all the key aspects of software development are taken into account it is called verification. When the verification aspects are actually tested it is called validation.
  1. What is Test Metric and what information does it provide?
  • Test Metric is the name for a standard test of measurement. It includes information like test run, test passed, test failed, test deferred and total test etc.
  1. Explain a bug triage.
  • The process of assigning a bugs owner, priority and severity is called bug triage.
  1. What are the types of documentation used in QA?
  • Try to include the types of documentation you normally use like Test logs, Test metrics, Task distribution, User profiles, Test incident and summary reports etc.
  1. How is retesting and regression testing different?
  • The check to see the impact of a defect on other functionality is called regression testing. Retesting checks if the defect is fixed.
  1. Explain MR.
  • MR or Modification Request is written when making suggestions, reporting errors and problems with the software.
  1. How does validation activities need to be handled?
  • While performing validation activities while software testing training, validation and verification needs to be conducted by a third party. There has to be an independent validation. Validation-related tasks can be assigned to internal members who are not part of the project.
  1. Explain Ad Hoc testing.
  • The tester conducts this test by randomly using the system’s functionality in attempts to break it. It often includes negative testing.
  1. What is CRUD testing?
  • CRUD signifying Create, Read, Update and Delete is another term for Black Box Testing.
  1. What do you understand by ‘USE’ case?
  • It is a document describing the user action and system response for specific action.
  1. What is thread testing?
  • The process of conducting top-down testing is called thread testing.
  1. Explain Configuration Management.
  • The method of documenting the changes that occur during the project’s life cycle is called Configuration Management.

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