5 Inventive Ways To Increase Writing Speed In Exams

In search of trick that can speed up your writing speed, if yes then let me assure you, this piece of article is going to be your cornerstone. Being able to produce thousands of word requires great skill as we need to overcome the obstacles of sore hands, cripple paper and less time. Let me be honest with you, I write a lot, therefore, my speed compared to others has always been high. However, you don’t need to stress your head out, follow these simple steps and you will be able to get your paper done in no time.

  • Number 1: Be on time

Students are unaware of how much time is saved once they reach their examination hall on time. Being on time or before gets your adrenaline in control, the anxiety, the stress which you feel just before the exam subsided. Arriving early at the examination hall would save you lots of time which you would have spent in searching the room, the seat, and reviewing the paper.

  • Number 2: Form a structure

Thinking you could get the paper done without a structure, then my friend you are in no dreamland. Distributing the headings and the data at the start of the paper helps you get all your facts correct. This keeps you aware of how much you are to incorporate in a certain heading. This saves a lot of time and redundancy is data is neglected, perhaps one of the most horrifying experience in an exam. The structure choice is all yours; it could be short paragraphs, bullet points, indicators, and more. The choice is all yours whatever suits you adopt that and get going with the flow.

  • Number 3: Start with the best

Students who start off the paper well usually continue to do so throughout the paper. Review the question paper, select the questions which you have firm hold on, and stop stressing over a certain question which you don’t know. Ensure that the starting of the paper is done with the question which you have on your fingertips. Get all those answers on that paper and leave the unanswered question at the end to form an answer by yourself.

  • Number 4: Leave the mistakes forend

Making minor mistakes and its correction can take a great share of your valuable time. Avoid changing pen every now and then for correction of mistakes. Instead, allocate some time in the end once you complete an answer, for correcting the mistakes. Don’t stop at every mistake you see, instead move on. Focus on completing the paper, once done, and then scan the paper of the mistakes.

  • Number 5: Practice it beforehand

The temptation to write the paper at the last moment is difficult to overcome. However, the trick lies in this very step. Once you are done with all the revision of the course, set a sample paper with the number of questions projected for the actual paper and determine a time constraint. Put an alarm and start writing. This practice will exhibit the pitfalls in your writing so that you are aware of what strategy to adopt and what not. A secret tip which I came across on the Best UK Essay Writing Service website was to practice writing with the pen you aim to use for the exam. Doing this will set your hand on that particular paper, producing a paper in an effective and neat manner.

Wishing you best of luck for your exam paper. Follow these steps and you are bound to complete your paper if not before but within time.