Fun Writing Activities for University Students

Students perception towards writing differs some perceive it to be hectic while for some it is viewed as a fulfilled activity. No matter how you perceive the term writing you can always turn it around the other way. It can be drawn from fun to boring and from boring to fun. The perception of individuals determines the creativity that echoes through the writing. There are multivariate activities which are adopted by the students as well as the facilitators to drive the students towards writing

Activity 1: Write diaries

The diaries seem to be old fashioned but they are always fun when you start to put the thoughts on the paper through your pen. It is an activity which is adopted by various individuals mostly introvert in nature. It feels to be the conversation to someone you trust and telling all you have inside to something that is good at listening and even better to keep secrets. The diary has the ability to extinguish the need of telling things to someone which leads to making you good at secrecy as well. Apart from all of them, telling your stories is always fun and relaxing and writing a diary is the way of doing this without involving another person. The diary has the ability to engage anyone in write and that is why it is considered to be a fun activity.

Activity 2: Write experiences

Writing about something that makes you excited is the key to open the door towards writing. It can make the writing fun since the writer will always enjoy writing the things which they have memories with and by writing it, that memory becomes unerasable and more tangible for the one. Making the writing fun is most likely to be based on the topic on which you write and selecting the topic that you had good experience with will make you write more in your ways with a number of colors. Life is a palette of colors where each color represents distinctive emotion and experience. Individuals can use the writing as a source of expression of a particular event, which they either want to replenish or forget.

Activity 3: A sentence story

The teachers at the university practice this activity to nurture the students. In it, the students in the classroom are provided with 2 minutes to write a sentence in order to form a story. Every student in the room contributes towards it which mostly tends to increase the student’s engagement level in the students. Through this activity, students devise a storyline which is usually frictional in nature.

Activity 4: Listing Terms or stories

Groups are formed in this activity of the students. The students after that are provided with the list where they incorporate in various terms, concepts, phrases, specific objects, and description and more related to the course which has been studied already. The list formulated are then collected and disseminated among the groups. On the basis of the list, the groups are assigned to demonstrate or explain a phenomenon or concept which has been written on the list.

Activity 5: Pass the MIC

A student-centered activity is aimed at enhancing and nurturing on the understanding that the students have gained. It is sort of a review activity in which the course in charge questions every student in relation to the concepts and the lectures which were delivered in the classroom. Through it, the facilitator gets a clear picture of what the students are absorbing and what are the factors and concepts which are to be taught again. The activity is initiated by asking students about the terms or related theories which they have questions about or want it to be taught again by every student. A list is created by the facilitator and according to which students are asked. A mic is created or a thing is forwarded among the students in the glass where if a student knows the answer he loudly conveys it and if not then mic is forwarded to another student. Through this activity, students become comfortable with the course outline and the concepts as well.


The listed activities assist the students in keeping the students engaged throughout the lesson, where learning takes place more efficiently. These practices enhance the writing skills of the individuals. This enhancement of skills opens new doors of opportunity for them in terms of provisioning their services for either a cheap essay writing service, as a freelance writer or perhaps a blogger.