How Technology Is Changing Education


Back in the day when traditional mode of teaching was ruling the education sector, technology was nowhere close to bringing a change. But over the years, technology has completely changed the education system where now, technology has been introduced to classrooms to make it easy for teachers to relate to students also benefiting the students to understand the concepts better and to score more marks in exams. Let us look at few of the ways that technology is changing the current education sector, making it more fun and engaging.

In Classrooms:

With the introduction of technology in schools, the classrooms have adopted smart classes in which is a method that allows the teacher to project the concepts like eutrophication, etc. via ppts or videos onto a screen rather than just using a blackboard. This helps the students to visualise the concepts and direct their understanding so that they would be on the same page as the lecturer in class.

In Tablets:

Learning concepts through a mobile device or a tablet has become very common in this era as a mobile device is owned by almost every individual and this helps the student to access the study material at any time and any place according to their own convenience. The study materials are given in various formats that help the students to have a clear understanding of complicated topics like Equilibrium, etc. Along with the notes, interactive videos are also given as analysis have proved that a person remembers a plot of a movie watched longer rather than reading the same in a book.

Test Series:

Previously, tests used to be conducted with a pen and paper which was then evaluated followed by the results being declared. With the advancement of technology, taking and evaluating tests are no longer a burden as technology has given provision for tests to be held online with the result provided as soon as the test is complete along with the explanation for each question asked. This helps students to understand their mistakes and have a deeper understanding of the concept.

Here we have seen few areas in which technology is changing education. For a better insight of how technology is changing learning through 3D animated videos and in-air productions, subscribe to our BYJU’S YouTube Channel.