How To Become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional?

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Cybersecurity or the security of IT applications, network, information, and disaster recovery has gained much importance in the modern global and online business environment. If you want to make a career as a cybersecurity or IT security professional, you must pursue the CISSP or the Certified Information System Security Professional Certification. The certification is granted by (ISC)2, a non-profit and reputed organization that trains and certifies the cybersecurity professionals.

A Valuable Certification

CISSP is one of the best and most in-demand certifications available in IT security today. The CISSP certification holders are the most highly paid, according to a survey held by the Certification Magazine. A survey conducted by the magazine in 170 countries found that the CISSP professionals led all other credential holders when it came to salary. Those having IT security certifications including CISSP got around US dollars 21,000 more than other IT professionals who do not have these certifications. CISSP is also approved by ANSI or American National Standards Institute and brings to you the skills that advanced security management systems administration job roles require.

The CISSP certification is valuable and should be pursued by IT professionals working in many different roles and positions, for a salary/position hike and increase in repute and skills. Some of the positions and roles where the certification has huge relevance and importance are:

● Security analyst
● Security consultant
● Security auditor
● Security manager
● Security systems engineer
● Security architect
● Network architect
● IT manager
● IT director
● Information security officer


If you are interested in attaining the CISSP certification make sure that you have at least 5 years of IT security related work experience working in a full-time role. This experience should be in the security domains or CBKs (Common Body of Knowledge) defined by (ISC)2. There are 8 domains of the CBK and the aspirant should have experience in at least two of them.

A reduction of 1 year in the work experience eligibility requirement can be availed by those who possess information security related Master’s degree or IT related 4-year college-level degree. There are a few other certifications as well that can provide for this waiver.

The CISSP Exam

The CISSP certification exam has a duration of 3 hours and contains around 100 to 150 multiple choice and other more advanced and innovative questions. In order to pass the exam and gain the certification one has to score at least 700 marks out of a total of 1000.

There is also a non-English version of the CISSP certification exam that has 6 hours duration and contains 250 questions. Hence the CISSP exam can also be taken in German, French, Spanish, Korean, and other languages.

If you do not have 5 years of experience you may try the (ISC) 2 Associate designation which has a validity of 6 years. In these 6 years, you need to attain the required IT security experience. Once you attain the experience and submit record/document relating to it, the Associate certification will be turned into the CISSP certification.

Certification renewal

Those who successfully clear the CISSP exam need to abide by the ISC2 code of ethics. They are also required to pay a certain amount of IMF or Annual Maintenance Fee. The CISSP certification holders are also required 2 earn the CPEs or Continuing Professional Education credits and post them regularly. One has to earn at least 120 CPEs in every 3 years to keep the certification updated and renewed.

There are around 122 280 CISSP certification holders worldwide. You can also be an IT security expert and can join the training for learning CISSP online itself. Online education web portals and services provide to you instructor-led training, hands-on project experience in multiple real-world scenarios, practice paper set, content/learning material, webinars and many other kinds of resources that you need to excel in the exam.

Training for CISSP certification exam is available online and the instructor-led training, online classrooms and hands-on training in real-world projects, among other resources, provide for the timely and adequate gain of skills and knowledge.