How To Connect With Your Online Classmates

Online learning might be entirely a new thing for most of the learners. Since it is the age of technology and everything has been digitalized, the education has also plunged into it. You must know the basic use of technology or else it may cause you some difficulties. Since it is only you and your computer in a quiet learning spot, you must know how much productive you can be.

In the world of online education, you can effortlessly connect to your class fellow students. For doing so, you merely need a device, internet connection, and some research material to talk about. Forming such connections assist you to study in groups, find extra help along with homework, and ultimately give friendships for a life-long time.

Following are some tips that may help learners to get and stay connected with their online peers.

Realize that you are not alone

However you take online classes by sitting in your dorm room lonely, you are actually not alone in the room but joined by hundreds of many other students. These are the learners who probably may also be in the same situation as you with a lot of similar fears about eLearning. It is simply that they are not in the classroom with you, but they are available right there. First off, you need to realize that the folks are right out there, and want to connect with other classmates likely.

Make a Brief Introduction

In many online courses, it is a culture that you have to introduce yourself to others in order to know the classmates as well, which is most of the times done in the orientation module or earlier in the course. There is no need to get blew off, as it is the minimum requirement – run with it simply. Treat these tasks in the same way as you were to introduce yourself to a person sitting next to you in a face-to-face class.

  • Make sure to be friendly
  • Offer the kind of information about yourself that others may connect with it easily. For instance, hometown, any favorite personality, Netflix show, or interesting hobby could be the helpful.
  • Put out the information about yourself that someone would notice and like to connect with you.

According to accredited universities in Dubai, “doing these things would make learners reach out so many other students around the world, while in turn, making the online learning process quite easier and smoother. Make it certain not to disregard the support or importance your class fellow provides you.

Find the People of same temperament for reliability

Indeed, your classmates may be providing you the much-needed support, but keep in mind that these are not one way relationships. You must keep pace with all the activities going on after you have provided for your peers to see – it works an ice breaking activity in the online class. Make sure to follow up with them and also referencing the comment on their post.

Stay Connected through Discussion boards, Social Media, and Meet ups

For any robust relationship, it is necessary to stay connected with one another. You need to ask your contacts about what they are doing and offer those help in their assignments. Plus, if they plan to study in groups for any big test, make sure that you are participating in it. For such course, many online study portals provide a virtual space that is typically known as discussion boards. These are the kind of great tools that must be accessible to every students.

Also, you are required to keep in touch with you in real life friends too. For this purpose, you must ask them to join in online course and connect through the platform of Facebook, twitter, or any other social media; where sharing email addresses would also be helpful. Particularly, if you seem to be in the same community, having face-to-face meet ups with your classmates would cause no restrictions.


You are never alone in an online classroom. if you are proactive in introducing yourself to other class mates and form relationships with them, it helps in building a supportive system that is required to be successful in an online course or degree program. Therefore, it is recommended to challenge yourself by enrolling in online course and reaching out the peers, if you have not yet.