Is Technology Transforming The Education In Favor Of Students?

Integration of technology in classrooms has always been the bone of contention between modern and conservative educationalists. Both schools of thoughts have always been agile in presenting their thoughts in favor and against of this integration which is quite informative and eye-opening for the people who are not part of it. This is why we are going to repeat the same thing on this blog so people can decide and make their own choice of whether to use technology or not in the classroom.

Arguments in Support:

People who are in support of using technology in the classroom are always found to be more liberal in accepting the things as compared to those who are against of it. Without taking more time, let jump into the supporting arguments straight.

  • Data Reporting: through different apps and digital platforms, gathering the data and analyzing it become much easier. Through this data, you can analyze all the information regarding students like their status, attendance history and performance on quizzes, language proficiency and participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Access to Information: while having gadgets like smartphone, tablets and laptops in the classroom, students can interact with more than one source of information. For example if a teacher is trying to explain one topic in his own way, a student can search it on the internet to find other simpler methods to understand. This makes access to information easier for them.
  • Long distance learning: another benefit that technology is providing to the students is long distance learning. If a student is not in the city or cannot attend the lecture for any reason, some schools are allowing such students too to take the lectures through video or audio link. This make students to take fruitful lesson of the classroom every day in every situation,

Arguments in Against:

Such arguments in support are enough to change the thinking and mindsets of people towards technology in education. But, read the arguments in against too to make it even.

  • Reduction in role of teachers: excessive use of technology in education is an imminent threat to the teachers. Now students fancy to take guidance and learn through the Google searches instead of teachers. Since the increase in use of technology, the rate of asking questions by students has dropped to the serious level.
  • Distracting for students: one of the most discussed argument in against of technology and education. Technology is more distracting than useful for the students. Especially due to the growing trend in use of social media just for the fun, students often find tweeting and updating their status on Facebook in mid-lecture. Students are prone to all distractions. Even the slightest thing can distract them to the lecture and can miss important points too. That is why numerous have been against the use of technology in education.
  • Academic become Business: Due to the use of technology, numerous companies have started their academic services with the assistance of students. These companies are providing different services in different companies like UK assignment assistance, dissertation writing and research paper writing which is affecting student’s personal capacity of writing and researching.