Know Here What Job Opportunities Are Available After Pursuing Certificate IV in Aged Care

The course for Certificate IV in Aged Care is specifically designed to prepare trainees to acquire skills and knowledge to take care and provide physical, mental and psychological support to senior Australians. Statistics reveal that people over 85 years of age has almost doubled to what it was in 1993; 1% of the total population in Australia. In 2013, the percentage has become 1.9%. It is now in an increasing trend. Consequently, the job market for aged care workers is flourishing. Certificate IV in Aged Care plays an important role in fulfilling this increasing demand.

Just as a child is said to be the ‘father’ of man, an octogenarian or a nonagenarian has all the symptoms of an early child. He can’t carry out his routine activities independently. He needs support of specially trained age care workers, having certificate IV in aged care courses in Perth. Such workers have to work within the guidelines defined by the organization. At the same time, they have to maintain quality of their services through developing, facilitating and reviewing the individualized service planning and delivery. They have to work any of the environments, such as residential, home or community. They have also to demonstrate leadership.

A Certificate IV holder in Aged Care has versatile job opportunities, requiring managerial and supervisory skills. He can take up jobs that have more of job responsibilities related to illness, age-related disabilities and infirmity. The jobs require compliance to the ethical and the legal requirements. The broad range of services include transition care programs, home care, respite, residential care facilities, retirement living villages, day care and dementia care. The jobs may be permanent, full-time, part-time or a fixed-term role. Tasks of some aged care jobs may be less pleasant and call for patience, empathy, humanitarian feelings and cooperation.

Before knowing the job opportunities of Certificate IV in Aged Care, it is important to know the core modules of the course and generalized tasks involved in different positions.

Core Modules

  1. Facilitating the rights and interests of clients
  2. Facilitating empowerment of elder people
  3. Coordinating the services of aged people
  4. Implementing the intervention with them
  5. Providing support to victims of Dementia
  6. Facilitating the planning and the delivery of individual service
  7. Meeting the personal support needs
  8. Supporting relationships with the clients and their families
  9. Managing the ethical and legal compliance
  10. Delivering care services by using a palliative approach.

Task Assignments

  1. Maintain wellbeing of aged ones through personal care
  2. Reporting to service managers and coordinating with other professionals
  3. Working in a team environment
  4. Social, physical, emotional and community support for the development of all community members.


After getting Cert IV in Aged care from Aged Care Courses in Perth, there is a vast opening for jobs. But these are very critical because it must ensure heath, mobility, equity and welfare of the elderly. It may involve bathing the client, assisting in grocery shopping and even cleaning the pans. The chief objective is that the elders live their lives to the best of their potentiality. Below is the exhaustive list of job opportunities that exist in regional, metropolitan, rural and remote areas; even overseas.

  1. Care Service Team Leader
  2. Community Program Coordinator
  3. Residential Worker
  4. Care Supervisor in Aged Care
  5. Aged Care Activity Worker
  6. Residential Care Officer
  7. Registered Nurse
  8. Personal Care Officer
  9. Health Promoter
  10. Community Care Worker
  11. Health Promotion Practitioner
  12. Personal Care Assistant
  13. Health Promotion Practitioner
  14. Disability Support Worker
  15. Aged Care Worker
  16. Residential Care Leader
  17. Aged Care Service Manager
  18. Residential Care Leader
  19. Gerontological Physiotherapist
  20. Social Researcher
  21. Personal Care Worker
  22. Support Worker
  23. Community Support Worker
  24. Care Service Employee
  25. Client Care Advisor
  26. Nursing Assistant
  27. Senior Personal Care Assistant
  28. Home Care Assistant
  29. Residential Care Worker
  30. Care Team Leader
  31. Aged Care Career
  32. Hostel Supervisor
  33. In-Home Respite Worker
  34. Assistant in Nursing
  35. Program Coordinator of Social Programs
  36. Care Service Team Leader
  37. Accommodation Support Worker
  38. Assistant Aged Care Coordinator
  39. Transport Coordinator
  40. Assistant Aged Care Team Leader


Depending upon the courses, the credibility of the training provider and personal skills of a candidate, one can expect an annual average salary of $40,000 to $50, 000.