The Role of Social Media in Education

Technology has a revolution the dynamics of how things operate. The ultimate outcome of the technology is the social media platform, which reach has exponentially expanded to all the disciplines. Contrary to the popular belief, social media benefits in the educational endeavors of the students. It has provided the institutes with an easy and convenient access to information. It has amplified the connectivity of the students and teachers. Let us look into the role social media plays in the academic sector:

  • Increase Participation

Students are being facilitated by the instantaneous connectivity provisioned through social media. It has paved way for the prompt transmission of the information, audios, visuals and more with peers in an efficient and effective manner. It is utilized for sharing facts, projects, notes, tips, and other beneficial things with others. This magnitude of the social media is vast and diverse which the older generation is unaware of. The participation is also increased as the students get the opportunity to explore the academic insights through experiences and not only books.

  • Improves network

Students networking capabilities amplify with the use of the social media. Today, the world market is dominated by connections and this dominance is curtailed down with social media utilization. Through social media platforms like LinkedIn, students get the opportunity to preview their preferred company practices and procedures, along with the market position. The nurturance through social media allows the student to go into the workplace with a lot more to present, which increases their employment prospects.

  • Improves Engagement

It has been significantly noted that the students drop rate has exceeded in the present generation as compared to the previous. Since the institutes and teachers also maintain a highly prolific profile, the students through it get a chance to connect with the institutes and share their ideas and concerns with them. The institutes make students aware of the activities which are students centered so that they can exploit these to achieve the optimum benefits withhold, improving their engagement. The engagement level of the students with the institutes impacts the retention rate of the students

  • Makes them future ready

It has been discovered that students who access the social media rigorously are more successful in landing a job than those who do not. It is because of the global connection power, where students maintain a strong online presence which attracts and retains the right people for the job. The students through it develop the relevant social and technological skills, essential for their employment.

  • Assist in Academic Validation

The institutes make use of the student’s social media profile for their academic and character validation. They utilize it to study the activities of the students who are seeking admission. Institutes despite the various debates utilize the social media platforms to the insights on the activities and interest students have, and will these be beneficial or detrimental for the institute.

  • Builds Reputation

It is another area where social media is expanding its reach. The teachers and academic services provisionary are utilizing the platform for their professional branding. Proficient professors for provisioning of their services are exploiting the platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, and YouTube channels, which positions them as a brand and builds on their credibility along with the institute’s reputation with which they are associated with.

This is a glimpse of the role social media has in the education sectors. With the increasing practices and eradication of the conventional practices, its role is bound to amplify more.

Author bio

Kellim Worthington is a professional blogger who also provides academic writing services at assignment writing help online. She is inclined towards nurturing the students about the utilization of technology for their availing the academic benefits it withholds.