Top 10 Mistakes You Should Not Disregard For Your Exams

Preparing an exam can be simple if you try to avoid some of the below discussed frequent mistakes that, at some point in our academic life most of us have committed. It is about effectively identifying them in order to eliminate them from our study routines. Once you are on the right path, it is a just a matter of putting your desires, valued time and a proactive attitude altogether.

  • Effective Prioritization

I recognize that there are people who serve you, or who like to say they do it even if it is not entirely true, but you really should not study the day before the exam. What you do not know until then will be difficult to learn the day before. That day is reserved to review, make some good summaries … The preparation of an exam should be done with time and tranquility.

  • Goal Setting

Do not set vague goals It is a mistake to study, first without knowing what is coming in or what you have in your notes and, afterwards, it is another mistake to do it without having a specific goal which basically motivates you to reach:  Always try setting short term milestones that keeps you strongly aligned with the entire journey that encompasses achieve an enrollment, entering the university, starting your scholarship plan and successfully passing the exams. It is about improving yourself during the study process to obtain an added incentive.

  • Do not go over what you see in class every day

It is advisable to maintain the study material up to date. If you do so, any questions that arise along the way you can resolve them almost immediately. The same if they arise during the course of the class, you should consult them at that moment. If you are assimilating the matter little by little, you will not have to hit a big final jackpot. You will gain time and you will assimilate the concepts better.

  • Effective Scheduling

Do not set blind schedules. It is very good to have a study routine, organize and schedule the work you have ahead. So many topics a day, completing some tasks during the week … A well-adjusted schedule, the same every day, will make you take better advantage of the time. Write what you have to study every day and cross it out when you have done it. It is a great feeling and will help you visualize what you have finished and what you lack.

  • The notes

A frequent mistake that most of the students make is ignoring their class notes and directly referring to the book during their exams. It is wisely said that students must match their class notes with the text books in order to bring a better level of perfection and precision when it is about choosing form an extensive range of topics. Moreover, it basically helps you to study more efficiently while making sure that you have made the most out of your time without wasting it upon extra topics.

  • Do not rest enough

It is wisely said that taking rest is one of the best approaches towards achieving effective educational outcomes and results. Sleep the hours you need a day (you know, between 7 and 8 is appropriate, although everyone knows what is right for him) because it will help you set your mind to an ultimate peace of mind. You should also make breaks during the study, more or less every hour, to stretch and rest a bit. The best hours to foster your studies are the very first hours of the day since your brain is more alert and rested.

  • Having a bad study environment.

The place where you set out to study has a direct impact on your performance, both for good and for bad. If you are misplaced, with distractions, low light, heat, nearby phone, mobile apps then you are sure to affect your studies negatively. On the other hand, if your table is well placed, you are isolated from possible distractions (TV, Internet, Guests), good visibility in the room then you will be able to maintain a correct posture, and all of this will help you to study better and proactively.

  • Try to be physically active and energetic

Related to the previous point, another frequent mistake is studying lying down. As we already mentioned, the position also influences the performance, and doing it seated will make us maintain better attention to our books or class notes. If we are lying down we will favor the appearance of pains and the arrival of the dream.

  • Study with another person

There are people who even prefer it, but there are studies that makes you feel studying alone is more effective than doing it together. Studying in a group encompasses several benefits. It is good at times to solve doubts, but the best will be to study individually and then consult them with others.

  • Start with flexible and easy topics

The most usual thing is precisely preferring easiness and flexibility to start with the simplest part or subject, but what is recommended is to do it the other way around, that is, to start the study with what is more difficult for us, since at the beginning we are more rested, so It will be better to internalize the complicated ones and leave the easy ones for when we are more tired at the end of the day.


Author Bio:

Lara Hawkins is a well-renowned and professional student online education consultant and career counselor who has been working with the industry since several years. She kick started her career by offering assignment writing assistance to students and now contributes her valued thoughts on educational communities.