Why Semiconductor Industries look to India for Hire

VLSI Internship

As we progress into the third decade of the 21st century our exponentially expanding population has a key role to play in the growth and development of our country. India is home to over 650 million people under the age of 25, which represents a huge demographic of the potential workforce. This is more than the population of countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France Combined.

This is an important metric for India, for this is what will turn the country into a superpower. In the next few decades, India is poised for global dominance. One of the key industries which are going to take the country into the next phase is the semiconductor industry. The world today is governed by major telecommunications and electronics companies. They produce devices and appliances in the millions each year, and they all require semiconductors and Integrated Circuits to function. India has a literacy rate of nearly 75%, which means there is an abundance of skilled workers. But VLSI requires a bit more of an expert.

Professionals and Experts know this and have opened up institutes and centres around the country to teach VLSI, which stands for Very Large Scale Integration. This process is basically putting together multiple transistors and devices on a single microchip. The work on these things is very intricate and requires good knowledge and understanding of circuitry. These institutes offer courses which college graduates and current employees can take up to search for better prospects and jobs.

But this can be time-consuming, and to fully master VLSI design it may take quite some time, so instead it can be a better option to take up internships and learn from professionals and industry. These can be done during one’s time at a college, the best part about it is that it can be done without interrupting the student’s course. These are usually done in the institute in the case of freshman and sophomore students, and as they learn more they can be given internship in VLSI companies in Bangalore, Delhi and other major cities in India.

Completing these internships can give students ample experience to be able to solve the toughest of problems from his first few months in the company. With the added counsel of leading industry experts and professionals, one is poised to be a great addition to a leading semiconductor company.

These institutes also assist in placements for their interns, thus giving a great platform for students to excel. They provide students with the latest protocols and also help them with soft skills development. Some students often opt to do a full time six month long VLSI internship in India. This is the most commonly taken internship, as that time period is sufficient enough to give students a good grasp of concepts and ideas about VLSI design. It is designed for final year college students and some institutes even directly partner with many semiconductor companies to recruit these students. Such ventures are important for the future of India’s youth, they can only add to the value of skilled employees that industries look for.